Mastering AWL Sublist 3

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Author: Janice GT Penner

Innovative! Creative! Interesting topics!

Extensively piloted with high school and adult academic prep ELLs

ISBN 978-0-9737679-9-5

What’s inside:

  • The most frequent 180 words are divided into groups of 30 for manageable learning
  • ELLs use the words in meaningful contexts
  • Ready to copy & complete answer keys
  • AWL words are recycled throughout
  • 11 types of tasks which emphasize productive knowledge of the words:
    • Info-gap crosswords: Gap Fill tasks
    • Find someone who: Speed Speaking
    • Discussion Questions: Guided Writing
    • Proverbs: Paraphrase tasks
    • Pre-reading Discussions: Post-reading integrated skills tasks
  • Receptive knowledge can be tested through
    • Definition Recognition tests & Definition crosswords
  • Three levels of support (no hints, underlined hints and CLOZE choices)

Reading Topics – Sublist 3:

  • “Team Ettienne” cycles the Trans-Canada
  • Who are Learning Disability learners?
  • Distance Education and E-learning

1 review for Mastering AWL Sublist 3

  1. CA

    Re: All the Mastering the AWL Sublists Series

    If you want to help your students succeed in university, then you need to purchase the Mastering the AWL Sublist 1, 2 & 3 series.
    The activities do what the titles promise. I have used it with ESL students preparing for IELTS and for EAP students preparing for university life. Filled with photocopiable exercises to help the busy teacher, it is easy to use. I am so happy with the students’ success that I always recommend its purchase to colleagues. Do yourself and your students a favour, and buy these materials!

    CA Stumpf CERTESL, PhD
    Liberal Arts and ESL/EAP College instructor

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