Mastering AWL Sublist 3

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Author: Janice GT Penner

Innovative! Creative! Interesting topics!

Extensively piloted with high school and adult academic prep ELLs

ISBN 978-0-9737679-9-5

What’s inside:

  • The most frequent 180 words are divided into groups of 30 for manageable learning
  • ELLs use the words in meaningful contexts
  • Ready to copy & complete answer keys
  • AWL words are recycled throughout
  • 11 types of tasks which emphasize productive knowledge of the words:
    • Info-gap crosswords: Gap Fill tasks
    • Find someone who: Speed Speaking
    • Discussion Questions: Guided Writing
    • Proverbs: Paraphrase tasks
    • Pre-reading Discussions: Post-reading integrated skills tasks
  • Receptive knowledge can be tested through
    • Definition Recognition tests & Definition crosswords
  • Three levels of support (no hints, underlined hints and CLOZE choices)

Reading Topics – Sublist 3:

  • “Team Ettienne” cycles the Trans-Canada
  • Who are Learning Disability learners?
  • Distance Education and E-learning

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