What is AACE?

All About Communicating in English: 

  • is pronounced as ACE [eɪs]
  • distributes “tried and true” reproducible materials for English as a Second Language (ESL) or English for Language Learning (ELL) teachers and students
  • was established on 04/04/04.

What AACE can do for you and your institution

  • Private explanation of materials at a convenient location or via Zoom
  • Interactive and engaging  PD workshops on many topics including:
    • Planning Faith-based ELL programs in Metro Vancouver, BC
    • AWL – Academic Word List
    • Paraphrasing for Academic Writing
    • Fluency Writing/ Lower level writing tasks
    • Vocabulary Learning/ Vocabulary Notebooks
    • Self-publishing
  • Consultations – about program planning, event organization, etc.
I look forward to saving your ESL institution time and money while at the same time taking your ESL teaching to another level.

Janice GT Penner