What is AACE?

All About Communicating in English provides  “tried and true” reproducible materials for ESL Teachers written by TESOL professionals who have successfully used these ELT materials themselves.

The books contain ELL learning activities that are student centered with meaningful content for supporting global citizenship and global awareness.  

AACE mainly distributes reproducible ESL materials, books, and ESOL lesson plans to

  • help ELL learners 
  • help ELT institutions save money
  • help ESL teachers save time in lesson planning of teaching activities

What AACE can do for you and your institution:

  • ESL Book displays at individual schools (during or after school hours in metro Vancouver)
  • Private explanation of materials at a convenient location
  • Interactive and engaging  PD workshops for ELT on many topics including:
    • Fluency Writing/ Lower level writing tasks
    • Vocabulary Learning/ Vocabulary Notebooks/ the AWL
    • Lurnng  Qizzabillitease and ESL (Learning Disabilities).
    • Self-publishing
  • Consultations – I have opinions, ideas, and advice about almost everything TESOL, ELL, or ELT
I look forward to saving your ESL institution time and money while at the same time taking your ESL teaching to another level.

Janice GT Penner